A band with a low standard of discipline will not go far, no matter how good the players are . . .


Henderson Concert Band
was once a military band many years ago.
The band was renamed to Henderson Concert Band in 1995.
Throughout the years, Henderson Concert Band had grown alot.
In 1998, Mr Badrul Hisham took over the band as our Band Director
and Mr Faizal Bin Othman became our Assistant Band Director.
Till today, the band has a strength of 52 members.

Below are our achievements for our SYFs
-- Achievement in 2001 SYF: Bronze
-- Achievement in 2003 SYF: Silver
-- Achievement in 2005 SYF: Silver
-- Achievement in 2007 SYF: Bronze
-- Achievement in 2009 SYF: Silver
-- Achievement in 2011 SYF: Silver

band directors

Sir Badrul
Sir Badrul Hisham
Sir Faizal
Sir Faizal Othman

beloved teachers

Ms Dong ZL
Mr Chris Yang
Mrs Mak SE
Mrs Yvonne Lee
Ms Leong PY
Mr Eugene Lim (HOD Aesthetic)


Clarinet: Mr Samad
Flute: Mr Huang
Oboe: Ms Lam
Horn: Mr Christopher Shen
Lower Brass: Mr Zakaria
Percussion: Mr Radin


2004 - 2005
Band Majors: Evelyn Yeo and Hui Yan
Drum Majors: Aizat and Rasool

2005 - 2006
Band Majors: John Ngiam and Rita Ng
Drum Majors: May Koh and Suying

2006 - 2007
Band Majors: Aishah and Ng Shu Ling
Drum Majors: Eddy Ng and Liyana Lim

2007 - 2008
Band Majors: Yasmin and Sodrin
Drum Majors: Keith Low and Jeremy Ng
Senior Drum Major: Eddy Ng

2008 - 2009
Band Majors: Cheryl Gan and Lim Ron Shen
Drum Majors: Rafidah and Janice Yee
Senior Majors : Keith Low and Sodrin

Band Majors: Michelle Tan and Jackson Putra Salim
Drum Majors: Dian Athirah and Leong Jun Lin

Band Majors: Tan Jia Hui and Kwek YanTing
Drum Majors: Elizabeth Wu and Yap Guo Quan

Band Majors: Evon Tham and Carl Anthony
Drum Majors: Nur Astuti and Sapol Leong

executive committee 2012 - 2013

Band Major: Bernice Tan
Drum Major: Don Yeo
Asst Band Major: Uma Magis
Asst Drum Major: Riky Erwan

Head Of Departments (HODs)
Secretary: Low Sin Ngee
Quarter Master:
Pravin (Woodwinds); Ang Hui Yin (Brass)
Librarian: Veranica Irene
Uniform IC: Woo Kok Jian
Welfare Officer: Ong Shao Yi
Recruit IC: Shernon Lai

Section Leaders
Clarinet: Yee Zia Zia
Chiam Zih Shuen (Asst)
Flute: Phyo Lwin
Low Sin Ngee (Asst)
Saxophone: Xu SiKaiYi
Xu Jia Hao (Asst)
Trumpet: Ng Zheng Yao
Nur Nadiah (Asst)
Trombone: Joshua Neal
Chong Chin Seng (Asst)
Tuba & String Bass: Barry Thong
Alfred Thung (Asst)
French Horn: Yosia Jacobs
Soh Ai Jia (Asst)
Euphonium: Woo Li Shan
Percussion: Jeline Foo
Yohana Jacobs (Asst)

HOD's Assistants
Asst. Secretary: Rachel Wan
Asst. QuarterMasters: Chong Chin Seng, Tan Hong Keat
Asst. Librarians: Lin Ri Hong, Yohana
Asst. Uniform I/Cs: Jane Tan, Jakkarin, Wong Yien
Asst. Welfare Officers: Chiam Zih Shuen
Asst. Recruit I/Cs: Madeline Low


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Sunday, October 14, 20123:56 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Here we are at One-Fullerton having a performance!  We played Lady Gaga dance mix, Dynamite and I want you back! 
Look at the students dancing infront enjoying themselves ^^

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3:50 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

We are playing a game called "Husband and Wife" a game where we get into pairs and one person will be the catcher, the catcher has to go around catching a person who is "free" if the person who is "free" runs into a couple a person from the couple needs to run out to another couple before the catcher catch them and the games continues!

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3:45 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Here we are falling-in listening to announcements and doing our punishment after band practice!

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Monday, July 09, 201210:16 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Hello limes,
Those who does not have any of the band uniforms, remember to get it ready by Friday so that you'll be prepared on Saturday :) Please also take good care of yourselves and drink more water.
NO SPICY STUFF for this week okay? :)
Yup, remember what the majors keep telling you every band practices and what sir have said too.
ONE MORE PRACTICE before the performance. Let's be the best entertainer there! :D

Bernice :)

Wednesday, July 13, 20119:32 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Here are some photos during the band investiture :)

The girls group dancing .

The sec3s reading their letters to their seniors .
The Skit.

The Past and Current SLs and ASLs .

The Skit .

Thriller - Sec1 , Sec2s

Hey Soul Sister

The Skit.


Monday, July 11, 20114:00 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Saturday, July 02, 20119:05 AM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

Favourite 'place' with the favourite people

I do miss taking off my shoes every Monday and Friday; entering the music room, setting up our instruments, making music with all of you.

2010 - 2011 has been a challenging year for us. Though we have faced many rocks in the race, we have overcomed them together, laughed together, cried together. Without unity, we will not be able to finish every lap of the race. Remember, band is never a one man's efforts.

Thank you for all the efforts you guys have put in for yesterday's investiture. :) Didn't know that we have got MJ & JB in band! Any girl singers? Haha.

Congrats to the new committee members! :) Work well together!

On the lighter note, prac hard for your upcoming performance babies! ;)

Love you all, dear oranges!

Love, Jiahui.

Sunday, June 26, 201110:35 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

The annual band investiture is coming up again.

Date : 1st July 2011, Friday
Time : 12:30pm - 3:00pm
Venue : Music room

Alumni are all welcome to this investiture .
Just like the previous year , we have to know the names of the alumni who are coming, in order to gain approval into the school.
Please do dress appropriately if you're coming .

For those alumni who're coming , please inform any band members .
Band members who know of any alumni coming , please let Evon know so that she could inform the teachers .

Thank You . Hope that you will attend this investiture :)


Friday, April 08, 20119:25 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

This is us, for 2011 SYF. 2011 SYF is definitely not an easy journey, but I'm so proud to say, we have persevered till the end. =) Like what Sir Badrul has said today, " Its like learning how to ride a bike. We'll fall, but we have to learn how to get up. "

I'm so glad to see individual of you has grown so much, how much effort you guys had put in, how this SYF helped to pull us together.

2011 SYF has been a part of my memories of friendship. =) Thank you for the bittersweet memories. Will miss you guys a lot!

We've won the battle, as a family! =)
Stand firm together for every obstacles!

Thank you for playing a part in this journey. Keep in mind, band is never a one man's effort. Love you all! =)


Saturday, April 02, 20115:25 PM

the audience sees and hears the band as a whole, not individual.

"Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking."

~ Mahatma Gandhi